Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 13, 2012

Fire Call, 13th of September, Automatic Fire Alarm, Hoo Meavy

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At 00:09 on the 13th of September, appliances from Crownhill and Yelverton were called to an Automatic Fire Alarm at an address in Hoo Meavy. Yelverton appliance arrived at the scene first and quickly established there was no sign of fire and turned the Crownhill appliance back to its home station. The crew made a full check of the property to try to establish the cause of the alarm and finally concluded it was most probably caused by dust. We explained Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue’s policy on false alarms. For anyone who doesn’t know the policy the service can charge for persistent false alarms. It should be noted that this is a last resort and should not be a concern to anyone with an Automatic Fire Alarm. We will not charge for the first call or necessarily the second, as I have said, the policy is aimed at persistent offenders. If you have a monitored alarm it may be worth discussing whether the monitoring company contact you initially to confirm a fire prior to contacting the fire service.


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