Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 12, 2012

Drills, 10th of September, High Rise Exercise, Crownhill.

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At drills on the 10th of September the crew from Yelverton took part in a four appliance exercise at a 5 storey building in the Crownhill area. The objective of the exercise was to practise the operational procedures for dealing with high rise incidents. In recent years fire services across the country have lost Fire Fighters during high rise incidents and recently the ops procedure has been updated to try and prevent further fatalities. Yelverton crew were used as BA wearers and assisted with command support. The Crownhill aerial appliance was used to rescue walking wounded from the roof and our SHACS kit (Working at Height equipment) was used by them to rescue an unconscious casualty also from the roof. All ten casualties were located and rescued and the exercise debrief was full of positive feedback. I would like to thank Blue watch at Crownhill for setting the exercise up and inviting us along. Its the first time we’ve been involved in a high rise exercise and as a satalite appliance to Plymouth, potentially, we could be first appliance at the scene of a high rise building fire. I have included some photos although when I first saw the pictures I wondered if the Fire Fighter taking them was at the same exercise!


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