Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | August 18, 2012

Fire Call, 17th of August, Pedestrian knocked over, Yelverton

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At 14:26 on the 17th of August, Yelverton appliance was sent to a pedestrian knocked over at Yelverton, just past the fire station toward the shops. On arrival the crew found FF Kevin Brown at the scene assisting an elderly couple that had been knocked over while crossing the road. Kevin, whose whole time occcupation is paramedic, was driving past as the accident happened and had stopped and given first aid until the ambulance arrived. He asked for Yelverton to be turned out to assist with the casualties until the ambulance arrived. Once the ambulances were in attendance he continued to assist and said later the elderly gentleman involved had certainly sustained life changing injuries. Staff and medics from Yelverton surgery turned out to help and Yelverton crew closed the road and managed the traffic until the Police arrived. It was good to see the local community pulling together during a traumatic experience. I have included a photo. I did have some trouble moving on some of the gawpers, one elderly chap actually told me had had taken some good photos of the injured man!! He refused to move on until I stopped being polite!



  1. Nice to see the local community pull together. The rds is based on people giving back to the community. Shame you had to deal with an on looker that quite clearley did not have an understanding of dignity.

    • Thanks for the comment Darren. Unfortunately there will always be a minority that have absolutely no understanding of the word compassion or dignity. The majority of the general public are considerate of others but there’s always one or two around to let the side down.


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