Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | July 11, 2012

Drills, 9th of July, Hot BA drills at Camelshead Fire Station.

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At Drills on the 9th of July crew from Yelverton took the appliance to Camelshead fire station for Hot BA drills in the “Ship”. Princetown Fire crew joined us and white watch at Camelshead laid on an exercise that required us to make entry into the ship through two entry points, the top deck and from the side door. The BA crews were tasked  to search and rescue and extinguish the fire. The temperature in the fire compartment was 80 degrees but soared to 380 degrees when water was applied to the fire. In a metal building like a ship the whole structure absorbs heat and when water is applied the effect is similar to a steam room and punishes crews that use to much water cooling ladders etc. The exercise was a success with a positive debrief, our thanks to White watch for laying on the exercise, they obviously put a bit of effort into it. Sorry no photos.


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