Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 26, 2012

Drills, 25th of June, SHACS exercise, Burrator Reservoir

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At drills on the 25th of June, Yelverton crew took the appliance to Burrator reservoir for a SHACS exercise with WM Bance. The crew practised anchoring the safety line in a variety of ways and used the “ID” to control the safety line. They also practised tying of the safety line to the ID and lowering a fallen fire Fighter. Our thanks to WM Bance from Service Training Centre at Plympton for coming out to deliver the training, he was, as ever, knowledgeable with a relaxed friendly manner about him. Yelverton is a level 1 SHACS station. That means we use the SHACS equipment as a safety measure only, we do not use it to lower crew members except in an emergency. The main protocol for stage one requires the wearer to proceed under their own steam, not assisted by the line. The line is only there a  safety measure. We are unlikely to progress to stage two as Tavistock is already stage two and Camels Head have the line rescue team. I have included some photos.

























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