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Fire Call, 6th of April, Chimney Fire, Walkhampton.

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At 11:26 on the 6th of April, Yelverton appliance was called to a chimney fire at Walkhampton. On arrival the crew found a chimney well alight with smoke issuing from the tiles around the chimney base which could have meant the fire had spread into the roof space. The crew made up for an aerial platform from Crownhill and a hose reel jet was laid out up to the attic with a crewman maintaining a fire watch with a thermal imaging camera as a precaution. Once the aerial platform had arrived the crew removed some tiles from the roof and established the smoke was coming from the chimney through a crack where the chimney liner had failed. Due to the intensity of the fire we were not able to fully extinguish it from the grate with chimney rods and so we used the aerial platform to flush water down the chimney, and that did the trick.

The occupier was under the misapprehension that the public had to pay for the fire service to attend a chimney fire, which clearly is not the case. If you have a chimney fire, call the fire service, there is no charge and if the fire does spread into your roof space we will be onhand to deal with it.

A red letter day for FF Stokes, his first blue light drive and a trip up in the aerial platform!

I have included some photos.



  1. Hi I wonder if you would be good enough to answer my question, I notice that the appliance sent from Crownhill to the walkhampton chimney fire was a Turntable ladder is this now the only aerial appliance in Plymouth or do we still have a Hydraulic platform ( Snorkel ) ?
    There used to be a T/l at Greenbank and a H/p at Camelshead but I believe that has changed, is that correct?

    It’s good that your crew also make time to maintain the web site, You seem to be the only station that has one like this.

    I have friends in the lifeboat and coastguard service and I now that you all put in a considerable amount of time, not just on shouts but in training hours too, so thank you, well done and keep up the good work.


    • Hi Mark

      Sorry it’s taken so long to reply.

      Mark Newton is a wholetime firefighter at Crownhill as well as a retained Crew Commander at Yelverton. His duties at Crownhill include Vema (Hydraulic platform)instructor. He has provided the following details of the two aerial appliances currently station in Plymouth at Crownhill.

      V49A2 Stationed at 49 Crownhill – Magirus DLK 32-12cc ALP
      V49A1 Stationed at 49 Crownhill – VEMA 343 TFL ALP

      Unfortunately I can’t attach any photos to this reply but if you look in comments and correspondence on the blog I’ve put some in there.


      WM Yelverton

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