Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 31, 2012

Fire Call, 30th of March, Grass Fire, Princetown.

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At 12:42 on the 30th of March, appliances from Tavistock and Yelverton were called to a grass fire at Parsons Cottage, Two Bridges, Princetown. Tavistock arrived at the scene shortly before Yelverton and “made pumps four for manpower” . Yelverton crew were deployed to the rear of the fire and the right flank and the incident was sectorised to assist with command and control. The incident soon grew to eight pumps plus a support appliance for Incident command and 4×4 vehicles. At one point the wind changed and the fire took off across the moor despite the use of the Dartmoor Rangers fogging machine. The fire front roared, something I have never heard before , as it drew air into it, fortunately all crews were out of the path of the fire and no one was injured. The moor was particularly boggy at the rear and flank of the fire which made traversing the moor difficult and strength sapping. After about three and a half hours we were called back to the rendevous point and after a short rest released from the incident. We returned to Yelverton expecting to queue for fuel but were pleasantly surprised to find only three cars queuing. Some support vehicles due to attend the incident were unable to turnout due to queuing times at petrol stations!

This was not the only incident on the moors yesterday. DSFRS were at full stretch with two multi appliance incidents running at the same time all requiring stand by crews and relief crews.

I have included soem photos, more in the gallery.



  1. Surely emergency service vehicles especially those on a blue light shout should have priority as an essential service when queuing for fuel. suppose it would have be carefull regulated to avoid abuse by crews but am sure garage staff especially if you have a regular one would be more than happy to let you “skip the queue” if you were on a emergency call or returning from one and needed to top up to remain operational???

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment. It is standard operating procedure to keep all front line appliances full of fuel at all times. At Yelverton we rarely let the appliance go below 3/4 full. In the event of a fuel strike we would queue with everyone else unless things became critical and then emergency provisions would need to be made with local suppliers to ensure we were able to respond to blue light calls. I’ve been at Yelverton for twenty years and we haven’t needed to do that yet. More worrying is the retained fire fighters ability to respond to station. Most retained firefighters need their cars to respond to station for calls and a fuel strike of any length of time could make things very difficult and again we would need to make arrangements with local suppliers in the event it happens.

      Hope that helps.



      Watch Manager Yelverton Fire Station

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