Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 18, 2012

Fire Call, 17th of March, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Crapstone.

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At 17:27 on the 17th of March, appliances from Bere Alston, Tavistock and Yelverton were called to a Carbon Monoxide alarm sounding at an address in Crapstone. Yelverton arrived at the scene first and found a domestic property fully ventilated by the occupier prior to our arrival. Even though the alarm had stopped activating  the fire service recognise that Carbon Monoxide is so dangerous that the house and the houses either side were checked by two crew with Breathing Apparatus and a gas detector. All of the premises were clear. 

Carbon Monoxide is particularly dangerous because it is both odourless and colourless. It is usually associated with exhaust fumes from gas fires/boilers and woodburners. It is extremely dangerous in that as well as being  very flammable, the occupier will be unaware they are suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning until it is too late. The only symptom can be a  head ache, failure to respond to the headache and leave the room will probably result in death!

If you have a gas/oil  boiler/fire or a wood burner you should have a carbon monoxide alarm. They are stocked by most DIY type stores, cost around the same as a smoke alarm, are simple to fit and save lives. If your Carbon Monoxide alarm sounds you need to evacuate the premises as soon as possible and call the fire brigade. An illustration of how serious we take it, is the number of appliances we sent for this call. Three appliances, the evacuation of three premises and the use of the gas detector in all three properties.


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