Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 18, 2012

Charity Car Wash, 17th of March, St Pauls Church Car Park.

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At 10:00 on the 17th of March, Yelverton crew attended St Paul’s Church Car Park for the bi-annual Fire Fighters Charity Car Wash. Our thanks to Joe Hess of Maristow Estate for his kind permission to use the Car Park for the event. We stayed until 14:00 and raised £305.00!! Thanks to everyone who supported us by bringing their cars for cleaning and a massive thanks to “Blaze Bear” for turning up and helping. Ian has been giving up his free time donning the Blaze Bear Costume at his own expense since 1999 and has so far attended 159 fund raising events for the Fire Fighters Charity. He told me that although no one can see him in the costume he always smiles for photos! I’ve included some photos.

and finally, Blaze Bear with his clothes off!!  If that’s his best smile its no wonder he hides it in the suit!!


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