Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 14, 2012

Drills, 13th of February, Hot BA at Camels Head Fire Station.

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At drills on the 13th of February, Yelverton crew went to Camels Head fire station for hot drills in the “ship”. Camels Head fire station has a steel structure that has been constructed to replicate the structure of a ship, it has been designed to allow fires to be lit within it to facilitate training to extinguish ship fires. Yelverton crew regularly attend the facility as we have been designated  a ships fire fighting station. The exercise involved multiple casualties and required six of the crew to enter the ship as three teams of two to search for casualties and extinguish the fire. The exercise went well with a positive debrief, our thanks to the crew at Camels Head for laying on the exercise and managing it for us. No photos I’m afraid everyone was involved in the exercise.


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