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Fire Call, 1st of February, Barn Fire, Dousland.

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At 22:09 on the 1st of February, appliances from Princetown and Yelverton were called to a barn fire at Dousland. Yelverton appliance arrived first and it was immediately apparent there was a fire in the leanto part of a large barn containing large baled straw and hay with animals involved. Acting Crew Commander Kev Brown made pumps four and with Princetown crew undoubtably saved the main barn with their initial actions preventing fire spread into the baled straw and hay. They also managed to rescue the animals, although one calf had to be put down later. One of the bullocks was trapped inside the barn and was under the roof when it collapsed. This animal obviously needs renaming as “Lucky” as it was rescued and although it had suffered some burns to its back and face seemed well. Appliances from Crownhill and Tavistock and the Bowser from Plympton arrived  and by the early hours of the 2nd of Feb the fire was out. During the fire fighting stage a gas cylinder was found located on the edge of the burning building and had to be cooled for some time before it could be moved. The fire investigation officer who attended on the night was full of praise for the actions of the initial crews who he said had undoubtably saved the animals and the larger barn. I have included some photos, more in the gallery including a picture of “Lucky”.














  1. mr glanville
    it is very interesting to see how varied a single pump retained station is and the fact of how many communtiy engagement events your crew get involved in, can you tell me please does your station have a set goal to reach be it fire prevention or even just awareness and if so are you meeting this target if you dont mind me asking

    • Hi Shaun

      Yes, we do have targets, we have what’s known as a Local Community Plan. The Plan outlines the station targets for the year for a variety of Fire Service functions and, combined with the other stations in our group make up the Area Plan, that area plan then combines with the others to make up the service plan. If you follow this link you will see our station plan

      Before the credit crunch we did all our own fire safety at station, that involved school visits, home fire safety visits and multi agency community drives in our area. Since the credit crunch all these functions are now done by either whole time crews (for School visits) or staff employed as “Advocates” and our strategy for home fire safety visits is much more focused on vulnerable groups. Obviously these changes have been introduced to save money and, to a degree, I personally have to agree with them. The chief has a budget which he has to run Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, in my mind every penny wasted is potentially another fire fighters job lost! The Chief has a lot of imaginative initiatives which has put DSFRS in a much better position that a lot of other Brigades. The “Academy” training facility and the BA school in Exeter are just two of those initiatives that are currently easing the pain of budget cuts.
      Since the cuts were introduced the events the crew have attended in the local area have been on a voluntary basis and I’m fortunate that the crew are still willing to give up their time for free to attend them. As a station we’ve attended Meavy Oak Fair for as long as anyone can remember and hope to continue to do so.
      Hope that covers everything.
      W.M. Fred Glanville.

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