Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | January 25, 2012

Fire Call, 24th of January, Automatic Fire Alarm, Horrabridge.

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At 19:11 on the 24th of January, appliances from Yelverton and Tavistock were sent to an address in Horrabridge to a reported Automatic Fire Alarm sounding. On arrival the crew found the alarm had been caused by a pot of food that had been left on the cooker. The occupier had served his meal and placed the pot back onto the cooker and forgot to turn off the electric ring. By the time we had arrived the occupier had turned the ring off and removed the pot from the cooker, he had also opened all the windows and vented the premises.

 It is important to remember to turn off cookers and electrical devices generally after use. Fortunately in this instance the occupier had a smoke alarm that activated and raised the alarm. Sheltered housing have monitored smoke alarms, the monitoring company report the alarm to the fire service and we respond. If you don’t have smoke alarms you may be eligible to have them supplied and fitted by the Fire Service free.

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