Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | January 18, 2012

Drills, 17th of January, RTC Exercise, Yelverton Aerodrome.

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At Drills on the 17th of January, appliances from Tavistock and Princetown joined Yelverton and three ambulance crews from West Country Ambulance trust in a three car RTC exercise at Yelverton Aerodrome. The scenario involved four live casualties played by friends of the Ambulance trust and Yelverton Fire Station and three cars, one on its side and one tight against a wall. All three extrications were difficult but never the less, all four casualties were rescued. The combined service debrief confirmed all who taken part had performed to a good standard and agreed the exercise had been a success. Unfortunately I forgot to detail someone to take pictures until almost too late, I have included one of Rob Burbridge of R. Burbridge Haulage Ltd who collected the cut up cars from the aerodrome and returned them to the station compound for free. Rob has helped out with exercises like this for as many years as I care to remember and his assistance has been invaluable. Not many would be out at 10:00 O’clock at night in the rain giving up their free time for no reward! So a big thanks to him.


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