Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | December 27, 2011

Fire Call, 26th of December, Chimney Fire, Buckland Abbey

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At 20:35 on the 26th of December, Yelverton appliance was called to a chimney fire near Buckland Abbey. On arrival the crew found a very old property that had had a chimney fire which now appeared to be out. The occupants of the property had extinguished the fire in the grate with water which had extinguished the fire further up the chimney. A word of caution now, if you have a chimney fire and intend to extinguish the fire in the grate with water be careful. Water expands a thousand fold when it turns to steam, that means, if you are extinguishing the fire or stood nearby when someone else does, you are vulnerable to scalding from the steam. If you need to extinguish the fire use a dust pan brush, dip the brush into water and then shake the brush over the fire. This will prevent you from applying too much water. Repeat until the fires out. The crew used the Thermal Imaging camera to check for hot spots in the chimney and, satisfied the chimney was out, handed the occupier a hand over form advising them not to relight the fire until the chimney had been swept. As the appliance was leaving the crew noticed smoke coming from the chimney and realised it had been relit!! The crew returned to the address and extinguished the fire in the grate. This fire had implications beyond the originators house. The roof space was common to the premises next door and a stables at the end of the mews. Had there been a further fire that had spread all the properties mentioned could have been impacted by the fire.


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