Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 20, 2011

Fire Call, 16th of September, Pallet Fire, Coypool

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At 21:47 on the 16th of September, Yelverton appliance was sent to Station 47 Plympton for stand by duties. At 01:45 they went from Stand by to the Pallet fire at Coypool as relief crew. Mostly they made up hoses and equipment and “damped down”. They finally closed home station at 06:25! I have included a photo, taken I believe from plympton Fire Station.



  1. Thanks for the comment. In reply to your question, Ivybridge did go stand by at Plympton. Two of their crew were used to take the water bowser to the pallet fire. That left them with three men, the minimum crewing level is four. Yelverton were mobilised with five crew to take over stand by duties at Plympton, when they arrived they gave one crew man to Ivybridge which put both pumps back on the run.

  2. Very Interesting site, It’s good that you keep the community informed as well as keeping us safe, it’s a pity more stations don’t follow your example.

    Could you please answer 1 question. Why did you stand-by at 47 whilst they were at the pallet fire and not the pump from Ivybridge?

    Keep up the good work.

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