Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | July 19, 2011

Drills, 18th of July, RTC demonstration and Radiation update

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At drills on the 18th of July, Yelverton crew discussed and trialled a different approach to the glass management phase of an RTC. During a recent exercise it was highlighted during the debrief that very little internal trim had been removed to identify SRS (Air bags and the like) devices. The new approach will require the “Glass manager” to check internal trim for SRS and then mark the car where it is safe to cut. We also discussed Casualty care and the protocols that exist which determine whether we extract a casualty quickly to facilitate assisted breathing and if required CPR. As a moorland station on the commuter route to Plymouth we have historically attended a lot of RTC’s so it is vitally important that we keep our skills sharp and continually review our working practices.

We also looked at our new RADOS (Radiation detection and measuring) equipment and familiarised ourselves with its functions and how to assemble it.



  1. Hi,
    This is a very interesting coincidence!
    Whilst idly digging around for some old ham radio aquantances – notably those from the Pub (Brett & Co.) I see you mentioned RADOS here.

    Well, my name is Steve Lesson and I’m a Service Engineer for the whole RADOS ranage here in Somerset UK (James Fisher).

    How about that!
    Steve ‘M1BJR’ ex Plymouthian and Dartmoor Radio Club founder 43yrs young!

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