Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 9, 2011

Fire Call, 8th of June, Fire in the woods, Huckworthy Bridge

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At 16:12 on the 8th of June, Yelverton appliance was called to a fire in the woods at Huckworthy Bridge. The crew “made pumps two” for manpower and 4 wheel drive due to the location of the fire approximately 200metres from the road, and Princetown were sent as a second pump. Yelverton crew set their portable pump into the River Walkham and pumped water to Yelverton’s appliance which in turn pumped water to Princetown appliance that was up in the woods. The fire was a controlled burn by a man clearing the wood which had got out of control. The gentleman concerned was treated by an ambulance at the scene for burns to his face and hands and then taken to Derriford hospital in case the burns had been infected.

In these situations people often feel obliged to attempt to extinguish the fire and not “bother” the Fire Service. In reality that is why we are here. Don’t risk your life or serious injury, if you have a fire that you don’t feel comfortable dealing with, don’t worry about “bothering” us, you pay for us, so use us. In short, Get out, Get the Fire Brigade out and Stay out.

I have included some photos.


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