Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | June 4, 2011

Fire Call, 3rd of June, Man trapped by car, Yelverton shops.

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At 10:20 on the 3rd of June, Appliances from Yelverton and Crownhill were called to a man trapped by a car at Yelverton Shopping parade. Yelverton arrived at the scene first and found an elderly gentleman that had been knocked through the window of Ward and Chowen by a motor vehicle which had finally come to rest on the sill, trapping the casualties leg. Initially the crew’s intention was to roll the vehicle off the casualty but close inspection revealed the vehicle had to go up to release the leg. Yelverton and Crownhill crews then used the webber cutting gear and airbags to raise the vehicle in a controlled manor. This operation was delayed while the casualty received pain relief in preparation for the lift.

From a command point of veiw I was lucky to have CC  Kev Brown on the crew, as a paramedic he was able to give primary first aid to the casualty prior to the arrival of the Ambulance service and give me an analysis of the injuries sustained. Once the Paramedics  arrived he then played a key role in co ordinating the physical and medical rescue. There were several people whose assistance was key to the successful rescue, The manager from Ward and Chowen Mr Neil Woolcock supported the casualty  prior to our arrival and assisted right through to the eventual rescue, Doctor Smith and a nurse from Yelverton Clinic arrived to assist the paramedics and “Higgi” the A&E consultant arrived to co ordinate the medical rescue. The Air Ambulance arrived but it was decided to move the casualty to Derriford hospital by road. I have included some photos.


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