Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | April 28, 2011

Fire Call, 27th of April, Small animal rescue, Cadoverbridge.

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At 12:49 on the 27th of April, Yelverton appliance was sent to rescue a Lamb stuck between two rocks at Cadoverbridge. On arrival the crew were unable to locate the caller and eventually the crew made contact by mobile phone. Once contact was made it was immediately clear the incident was at Cullever Steps near Okehampton not Cadoverbridge. The crew contacted control and a further appliance was sent to the correct address.

It is important to remember when calling the emergency services to give a full address with as much detail as possible, especially if the incident is not at a conventional address like Dartmoor. When reporting incidents on rivers it is important to include which side of the river the incident is on and the best route. remember to clarify where the incident is such as “Between Lopwell Dam and Denham Bridge on the Bere Alston side”


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