Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | April 28, 2011

Drills, 26th of April, Station meeting.

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At drills on the 27th of April we had a station meeting. As this was the first meeting of the new financial year each Fire Fighter was given the opportunity to make representations on behalf of his chosen charity and then we voted to decide which charity will be supported by he station’s fund raising along with the Fire Service Benevolent Fund. A cheque for £500 was sent (vie FF Wayne Fisher ) to last years charity, the NICU at Derriford Hospital, this years charity is “make a wish” who provide  seriously ill children the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

We also discussed our Marquee which we have decided we will lend to residents of our patch for a fee of £300 plus insurance, with a refundable £250 deposit to cover any damage. For the £300 fee we will erect and dismantle the Marquee any where within our patch (outside our patch we would have to put the pump off the run). The Marquee is 12m x 6m and has detacheable sides and ends. The sides have windows and it is coloured white. We were going to photograph it but have now decided to wait until the first lend. All money raised will go into the station fund which will ultimately fund the chosen charity, the Fire Service Benevolent Fund and will supply any equipment we feel necessary for the station.


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