Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 23, 2011

Fire Call, 22nd of March, Caravan fire, Upaton

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At 09:59 on the 22nd of March, appliances from Yelverton and Bere Alston were called to a barn fire at Upaton. Yelverton appliance arrived at the scene first and it was immediately apparent the main seat of fire was a caravan, out side the barn. The crew used two hose reel jets to cool the barn gable end and extinguish the fire in the caravan. Unfortunately the caravan was beyond saving before our arrival but the barn was saved except for some minor damage. The barn survived the fire with minimal damage thanks to the swift action of the owner who played a garden hose on the affected area from a safe distance. The caravan was going to be broken up anyway so no great loss. The fire was probably caused by the owner, who remembered throwing a cigarette end on the floor thinking it was out shortly before the fire. 

It should be noted caravans are made primarily of fibreglass and hence burn very quickly to a devastating effect. The owner was stunned at how quickly the fire had destroyed it. If you have a caravan and it is involved in a fire the best advice is get out as quickly as possible. You can see from our photos, by the time we arrived, the caravan was unrecogniseable, it had burnt down to the chassiss , even the floor had gone. On this occasion there was not gas cylinder in the caravan, mainly because it was about to be broken up. From a fire service perspective, gas cylinders in a caravan that is on fire is a serious life risk to the public and fire fighters. If you have a caravan it is important you should remove the gas supply from it when its not in use


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