Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 20, 2011

Fire Call, 20th of March, Grass fire make pumps two, Princetown.

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At 01:22 on the 20th of March, Yelverton appliance was called to support Princetown appliance at a grass fire. On arrival, the two crews attempted to extinguish the fire using beaters and were making steady progress until the wind changed. Once the fire had its head, it spread so rapidly the crews had no choice but to withdraw from the moor and wait for day light. The duty fire officer was called and Princetown Fire Station was used as a command point. An Air sea Rescue Helicopter was called to locate and evacuate School age Ten Tor participants who were out on the moor camping in preparation for the main event. The helicopter was able to quickly confirm that there were no campers in the prospective path of the fire and, at the same time,  fire officers used the opportunity to recce the fire and formulate a plan of attack. At 06:30 Yelverton crew were stood down and both Tavistock appliances were called out and used beaters in conjunction with the National Park Rangers “Fogger” unit to extinguish the fire. The incident finally closed at around 08:30. I have included some photos.


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