Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 20, 2011

Fire Call, 15th of March, Gorse Fire, Cadoverbridge

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At 01:37 on the 15th of March, appliances from Yelverton and Plympton were called to a gorse fire at Cadoverbridge. On arrival they found the road side by the fishing lakes on the approach to Cadoverbridge from the Yelverton side, well alight. The crew used high pressure hosereels to extinguish the fire. This fire was particularly dangerous to motorists because of it close proximity to the road.

These fires are a drain on the fire service resources during a time when nationally we are suffering crippling budget cuts as a result of the recession. There is a simple procedure for legitimate swaling that avoids the unnecessary despatch of fire crews, the system requires the commoners to log swaling events with fire control and remain with the burn. The procedure works well all across Dartmoor with a few minor exceptions, Cadoverbridge being one of them. Irrespective of the additional cost to the service ( and ultimately the tax payer), once an appliance is sent to a gorse fire they are not available for other calls until the gorse is dealt with. In simple terms this means, if you are a resident of the Yelverton area and have a crash or a house fire and the local fire crew are committed to a gorse fire you will have to wait for the nearest available appliance to be sent. Not much of an inconvenience you may think, I think minutes can be hours long when you’re trapped in a car involved in a RTC or stood outside your burning house waiting for help to arrive.

If you have any information regarding this fire you can report it to the Police anonymously on either:-

 Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111

or on line by following the following links:-


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