Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 8, 2011

Fire Call, 7th of March, Assist person trapped in bath, Plymouth

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At 18:03 on the 7th of March Yelverton appliance was sent to station 49 Crownhill for stand by duties. At 20:40 they were sent to an address in Whitley to rescue a man who was trapped in his bath as a result of his bath hoist failing. On arrival the crew found the premises locked and had to use a triple extension ladder to gain entry to the property through the bathroom window which the occupier could just reach to open with a loofa. Time now for a young fire fighter to step forward in the face of advercity and make entry into the bathroom window, climbing over the bath on the way. A suitable volunteer was pressed (the junior man) and duly entered the premises and unlocked the door. Shortly after we were able to repair the hoist and leave the occupier to look after himself, we returned home station at 21:43. The next day I asked the “volunteer” fire fighter what the approximate age was of the man trapped for the fire report, he said “to be honest Fred I tried not to look”

No photos for obvious reasons.


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