Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 6, 2011

Fire Call, 4th of March, Fire in the open, Jordan Lane Horrabridge.

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At 22:27 on the 4th of March, Yelverton appliance was called to a fire in the open at the top of Jordan Lane, Horrabridge. . On arrival the crew found two small campfires on the edge of the moor that a group of youths had lit. The police were already in attendance and the fires were quickly extinguished with a bucket of water. I don’t believe the youths had any particular mischief in mind when they lit the fires and they were all well behaved while we were there.

If you intend to have a camp fire on the moor you should be aware that at this time of year if the grass is dry it will burn and spread, and quickly get out of control, especially if there is any wind involved. Some years ago we went to a grass fire out at the scout hut behind Sheeps Tor village, we had almost extinguished when it crested a small rise and the wind took it. It went right across the moors to the clay works and eventually, I think sixteen appliances and a helicopter were used to finally extinguish it.


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