Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | March 4, 2011

Fire Call, 4th of March, Fire Alarm, Buckland Monochorum

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At 07:14 on the 4th of March appliances from Yelverton and Bere Alston were called to a reported Fire Alarm sounding at Buckland Monichorum. On arrival the crew found an empty house with the smoke alarm sounding. fortunately the key holder was near by and the crew were able to enter the property and establish it was a false alarm caused by a faulty smoke detector in the kitchen.

As an aside, its not generally a good idea to put a smoke detector in the kitchen as they tend to go off everytime you cook or burn the toast (or is that just my wife). There are now heat detectors available at most of the big DIY stores specifically designed for kitchens which only activate when the heat reaches a critical level.

For more advise about smoke alarms and all fire related matters you can request a FREE fire safety visit and , should you not already have them, we will give you a FREE  smoke alarm and fit it for you.

To arrange a visit call Freephone 0800 7311 822

or text your request to

Text info line 078 0000 2476

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