Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | February 1, 2011

Fire Call, 31st of January, Chimney Fire, Horrabridge

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At 15:37 on the 31st of January, Yelverton appliance was sent to a chimney fire at Horrabridge. On arrival the crew found a conventional front room fire with the chimney well alight. Initially the crew used Chimney rods with a sprinkler head but were unable to reach the full extent of the chimney. The crew then pitched a ladder and used a roof ladder to access the chimney and a hose reel to extinguish the fire from above. The owner of the property had the chimney swept last year and was burning wood. Some chimneys, especially during particularly cold winters when front room fires are used more often than usual, require sweeping twice a year. Remember, if you burn seasoned wood (wood that has been stored for a year) and you avoid resinous woods, you are less likely to have a chimney fire. I have included some photos.


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