Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | November 20, 2010

Fire Call, 20th of November, RTC Persons reported, Princetown – Yelverton Rd

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At 11:53 on 20 November, Yelverton appliance was called to an RTC persons reported on the Princetown – Yelverton Road. On arrival the crew found a car on it’s side on the moor. The three occupants, two adults and a baby had been rescued from the vehicle by the paramedics prior to our arrival. Miraculously all three were relatively unharmed although one of the adults had suspected mild neck injuries. Obviously all three were wearing their seat belts, the baby had been in a baby seat. Clearly if you have children and follow this couples example, in the unfortunate event of an accident your family are far more likely to walk away with minor injuries if you use seat belts and child seats.

The crew made the vehicle safe and moved it to a place of relative safety beside the road. I have included some better photos.


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