Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | November 15, 2010

Fire Call, 9th of November, Oven Fire, Yelverton.

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At 15:44 on the 9th of November, Yelverton appliance was called to an address in Yelverton to an Oven fire. On arrival the crew found an elderly lady still in the smoke filled premises trying to extinguish the fire. Two firefighters in Breathing Apparatus helped the lady from the building where she was then given Oxygen therapy by a firefighter while the BA crew returned to the building and removed the burning food from the oven.

On this occasion the occupier of the premises was fortunate not to be seriously injured by the smoke or the fire. Remember, the Fire Service advice is clear. GET OUT, GET THE FIRE BRIGADE OUT AND STAY OUT. If you stay in the premises I have to risk firefighters lives to rescue you. We can replace property, we can’t replace lives.

I have included some photos.


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