Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | October 7, 2010

Fire Call, 6th of October, Gorse fire, Roborough Down.

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At 12:08 on the 6th of October, Yelverton appliance was called to a Gorse fire on Roborough Down. On arrival the crew were pleased to find a Dartmoor Charity Group clearing the gorse from the old leat, and what a good job they were doing. I think the leat they are clearing is Drakes leat although I’m not sure, they are clearing a section about 10 metres wide along the length of the leat and repairing it as they go, all with volunteers. It was good to see people putting something back into the moor.

They had informed control they intended to burn, the difficulty on Roborough Down is confirming from the caller precisely where the fire is and matching their description to the location of an approved burn. As a fire service we always err on the side of caution so if there is any doubt we send an appliance.


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