Posted by: yelvertonfirestation | September 22, 2010

Fire Call, 18th of September, Smoke Alarm Sounding, Buckland Monochorum.

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At 01:34 on the 18th of September Yelverton appliance was called to Buckland Monochorum to a reported “smoke alarm sounding”. On arrival the crew found an elderly gentleman who was hard of hearing whose smoke alarm had activated during the day, the gentleman didn’t know how to stop the alarm.

If your smoke alarm activates and you don’t know what caused it call the fire brigade immediately. It would seem pointless to have an alarm and then not act on it when it activates unexpectedly.

The crew explained how to reset the alarm and checked the property for anything that could have activated the alarm. Satisfied all was well, the crew returned home station.

I have forwarded this gentlemans details to our Community Fire Safety team to arrange a visit. We have special smoke alarms for the hard of hearing which involve vibrating pads for under pillows and strobe lights. If you are hard of hearing or know someone who is and think they would benefit from a FREE home fire safety visit and, where appropriate a FREE smoke alarm specially designed for the hard of hearing, you can arrange a visit through one of the following.

To arrange a visit call Freephone 0800 7311 822

or text your request to

Text info line 078 0000 2476

or go to


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